About Us

Our Story

Our recycling program began in October 2013, as an initiative of Galveston Urban Ministries, with approximately 20 customers.  The community has shown overwhelming interest in our service, and we are nearing 200 customers!  This has enabled us to expand into our own LLC.  Because of our customers commitment, G3 has been able to provide a steady part-time employment opportunity for individuals on the island.  We aim to empower those in our community who come from all walks of life, and whose employment opportunities are otherwise limited.  Through job creation, our employees are able to sustain themselves, as we sustain the island.  As we move forward, we remain committed to preserving our island through recycling and job creation.


Future Plans

As we continue to grow, our hope is to expand our service area across the entire island.  To do so, we must have the proper facility and vehicles to facilitate our service needs.  We are actively seeking out the resources needed to fulfill our goals.

Job creation is one of our top priorities.  We not only want to sustain the environment, but enrich lives in our community.  By expanding our business, we will be able to create more job opportunities on the island.


Meet the Team

The G3 team is committed to providing an excellent service to our customers.  Read their stories below.

Ben Fontenot

G3 & Facilities Director

Ben was born & raised in the suburbs of North Houston, TX. Growing up in the church, a foundation of faith & integrity was instilled in him at a young age. This would prove important as he spent many years far from God. There was always a belief in what was important but a lack of discipline to seek The Lord. After a time on the fence, he began to come back & ultimately give his life back to God. This would start a chain reaction of seasons in growth. In 2002 Ben married the love of his life Lesley & started a family. There would be many trials but in every one, they would put their trust in God, who would always prove faithful. In 2014 they felt called to move to Galveston to advance the kingdom of God. They didn't know exactly what that would look like but continued to pray & seek guidance as they prepared for their move. In 2015 Ben was offered a position at G.U.M. as G3 Director. After much prayer, he accepted & began a new chapter in their journey of faith. They now have three children & live on the island.


Rene Alegria

G3 Coordinator

Rene was born & raised on the streets of Galveston Island. That makes him a BOI (Born on Island). He comes from a very rough past as a child, teenager, & young adult. When he finally accepted God into his life, he received just that-LIFE! Soon after his acceptance, Rene became involved with G.U.M., & his life began to flourish. God knew the plans He had for Rene, & because of Rene's obedience, he is exactly where he is supposed to be in life. He is a hard worker, & has a passion for serving the community. He is the kind of guy that will stop everything he is doing to help you, even unload groceries. Rene is a father, & loves his blended family very much. Everything he does is to be a great role model & example for them. Rene has come a long way & has allowed life experiences to shape him into the God-fearing, Jesus-loving man he is today. In the famous words of Rene, "I am recycled."


Lori Hatcher


Lori grew up between Illinois and Arizona, but now calls Texas home.  Before moving to Texas, she served in the United States Air Force for nearly 10 years.  She spent part of her time in the military living abroad in South Korea and is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.  She is currently pursuing a degree in Behavioral Science at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and is on course to graduate in the Spring of 2019.  During her time in the military, she found God and dedicated her life to serving Him.  She married her husband, David, in 2015.  In the early spring of 2017, she joined the G.U.M. team as a volunteer, and shortly after was offered an administrative position with G3.